A lifetime of sunshine, 2023

video H.624, 02'36'', stereo sound

Julia Pereira
A lifetime of sunshine, 2023
video H.624, 1080 x 1920p
02'36'', stereo sound
creation, direction, editing: Julia Pereira; 
sound ©Julia Pereira + Edgar Hopp & Helmut Schenker (courtesy of ©Epidemic Sound)

The video installation “A Lifetime of Sunshine” employs the element of water and its symbolisms to explore the idea that memory, emotion, and time are fluid and intangible, characterized by turbulence and impermanence.  The blended images of water, along with its mirroring effect on the surface of a swimming pool, evoke abstract painting - which is central to Julia Pereira’s practice. The video also alludes to the shifting perceptions and tangible nature of one’s own subjective reality and past experiences that they remember.  
Originally designed to be projected onto a ceiling (but can be displayed on a regular monitor if necessary), this setup encourages spectators to sit or recline on the floor, or a chaise lounge, directing their gaze upward much like in a psychoanalysis session. This arrangement underscores another facet of the artist’s exploration and fascination with water, as a symbol and conveyor of the unconscious. 

Rendered in PremierePro + Adobe Bridge Media Encoder

Items necessary for functioning:
- Display with Projector Epson Powerlite E20 3LCD, XGA (must read mp4 file pen-drive) Or Screen Monitor 24”
- Electrical cables / extension for power supply
- MP4 readable pen-drive 
- Soundbox for stereo sound or headphones for individual viewing
- Bench or cushions for viewers to sit/lie down and watch

vista do vídeo-instalação na exposição  / video-installation view at exhibition 

"E se ouvíssemos a casa?" 2023